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Germany: apple growers in Bodensee region expecting record harvest

Tholen - The apple growers in the German Bodensee region are expecting a record-high harvest. The harvest will reach about 281,000 tons, which is approximately 25% more than last year. This extremely large harvest was caused by the positive weather conditions. The early varieties such as the Graven Steiner or Summered have already been harvested. Growers have also started picking Elstars. The best performing varieties around Bodensee are Jonagold, Elstar, Golden Delicious, and Braeburn.

This exceptionally good harvest is, however, limited to the Bodensee region. The total German harvest has an approximate volume of 952,000 tons. This is about as much as last year. Spread over the entire European Union, a 8.5 mln. MT harvest is expected.

Publication date: 8/27/2007
Lian van Hoof
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FDA Tomato Safety Initiative seeks to prevent food poisoning

The Tomato Safety Initiative launched this summer by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is looking for ways to prevent food borne illnesses associated with fresh tomatoes. The FDA started the program in Virginia this summer and will move it to Florida in the fall. The Tomato Safety Initiative will serve two purposes, said an FDA press release. First, investigators will look for farming and packing practices that could encourage bacterial contamination. Then, the program will try to find ways to improve those practices.

The FDA says that since 1998, fresh and fresh-cut tomatoes have been linked to 1,840 cases of food poisoning. Most of the outbreaks were traced to tomatoes grown in Virginia and Florida. Just last year, contaminated fresh tomatoes served in restaurants were the cause of a Salmonella outbreak that sickened dozens of people in 21 states. The outbreak made at least 183 people ill. There were no reports of deaths, although 22 people were hospitalized. Another outbreak of Salmonella in 2004 that sickened more than 400 people was linked to tomatoes sold in Sheetz convenience stores.

The Tomato Safety Initiative is part of the FDA’s Produce Safety Action Plan. It is a collaborative effort between the agency, and state health and agriculture departments. Several universities and members of the produce industry will take part in the program. As part of the initiative, experts will visit farms and packing facilities and evaluate irrigation water, wells, procedures for mixing chemicals, drought and flooding events, and animal proximity to growing fields. Research will take an especially hard look at both water and animals near fields. Farm animals like cattle, and even wild animals like birds or reptiles, can deposit waste on or near tomato fields. Animal waste can runoff into water supplies and the contaminated water can carry bacteria into fields.

The FDA said that the Tomato Safety Initiative investigators just completed field visits of more than 50 Virginia farms and packing facilities. Now, they will begin analyzing the data from those visits to see what practices might be encouraging contamination of tomatoes by bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. Once such patterns have been identified, the FDA says it will be able to improve policies governing tomato growers and provide better guidance on preventing contamination.

In addition to surveying farms and packing facilities, the FDA says other components of the initiative will include outreach and education to the industry; promoting research on tomato safety; improving communication with the public in the event of an outbreak of illness related to tomatoes; and building collaborative relationships with other state and local health officials to improve disease prevention, detection and outbreak response.

Source: newsinferno.com

Publication date: 8/27/2007

Japan: Italian tomato taking hold as specialty of Yokote

To help elderly farmers in Yokote, Akita Prefecture, a project is under way to grow and harvest the Sicilian Rouge, a small species of Italian tomato that is relatively easy to grow.

The first crop was harvested in July.

"Unlike ordinary species that have to be picked green, the Sicilian Rouge lasts a long time, even after maturing. For us, this means a very long harvest time," said an official at an experimental farm.

The farm will propose that the Italian species be processed into juice, and recipes will be published for household use.

In Japan, the species was first grown in 2005 by Tokyo-based Pioneer Ecoscience Co. The company started selling tomato seeds early this year.

The tomato is about seven centimeters in diameter.

Although it can be consumed raw, the Sicilian Rouge is better suited for cooking because it contains a lot of cellulose.

In fiscal 2005, the city's farmers produced 1,480 tons of ordinary tomatoes, 15.5 percent of the total output in Akita Prefecture.

However, many older farmers have stopped raising tomatoes as prices remain low.

Tomato farmers in the prefecture fell from 90 in fiscal 2004 to 76 in fiscal 2006.
To reverse this trend, the experimental farm bought Sicilian Rouge tomato plants in December. A major restaurant in the city was commissioned to devise eight dishes featuring the species.
Those who tasted the dishes said the Sicilian Rouge was better when it was cooked.
In spring this year, 1,000 seedlings of Sicilian Rouge were planted by the experimental farm and farmers in Yokote.
By July, most of seedlings had borne fruit.
Nevertheless, the Sicilian Rouge has to overcome two problems--it is twice as costly as ordinary tomatoes, and most consumers think of tomatoes as something that should be consumed raw.
These factors prompted the Yokote municipal government to call on restaurants in and around Tokyo to use the Sicilian Rouge.
"The tomato tastes crisp when cooked. It tastes like no other tomato," a chef at a Yokote restaurant said.
In a related development, the municipality has obtained cooperation from a soft drink maker in Morioka that will produce Sicilian Rouge juice on an experimental basis.
The Yokote city office also will invite chefs from Tokyo to a cooking class in September to learn more about recipes using the Sicilian Rouge.

Source: yomiuri.co.jp

Publication date: 8/27/2007

Mexico: university presents alternatives to increase productivity of tomatoes
Barranquilla – Nets to protect tomatoes against insects (so-called Agribon) and strategies to conserve fertilization on the fields are two of the main results of the research at the Faculty of Engineering in Systems of Agricultural Production of the University of Vera Cruz (Mexico).
The study showed that the resulting productivity is about 32 tons per hectare. In addition, these techniques reduce the incidence of viruses transmitted by insects, that according to the chief researcher, Carlos Tinoco, cause the main effect on the productivity reduction in tomatoes.

Publication date: 8/27/2007
Jahir Lombana
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رب گوجه فرنگي در سال ۸۶ / طلاي سرخ ايران

امسال ايران با كمبود جدي گوجه فرنگي مواجه شده است. به دليل ازدياد كاشت و عدم برنامه ريز ي در سال ۸۵ ، كشاورزان گوجه كار ايران با ضرر زيادي مواجه شدند و سطح زير كشت اين محصول در سال ۸۶ كاهش چشمگيري پيدا كرد. همكنون كارخانه جات توليد رب گوجه فرنگي با كمبود محصول جهت تداوم فرآيند توليد مواجه شده اند و قيمت تمام شده اين محصول در خراسان و اروميه و شيراز و تهران به عنوان ۴ قطب بزرگ توليد اين محصول افزايش يافته است. در حاليكه در سال ۸۵ پايين ترين قيمت رب گوجه فرنگي به بريكسي ۱۷ تومان رسيد ، اما  در سال ۸۶ و در اوج فراواني محصول اين قيمت از بريكسي ۲۴ تومان كمتر نشد. با شرايط موجود كارخانه جات توليد رب تمايل دارند تا فقط به صورت بسته بندي در قوطي و با بريكس ۲۸/۳۰ رب را راونه بازار نمايند تا اينكه با بريكس ۳۶/۳۸ در بسته بندي اسپتيك در پي بازار هاي جهاني باشند.

همكنون با توجه به قيمت تمام شده رب گوجه فرنگي ، چين به عنوان رقيب اصلي در منطقه اجازه رقابت در صادرات اين محصول را به ايران نميدهد و قيمت ارائه شده محصولات اين كشور بسيار پايين تر از قيمت رب ايران است.

در زمينه رب قوطي نيز فعلا بازار در اختيار برند هاي معروف و جهاني است و برند هاي نو ظهوربا توجه به اين قيمت تمام شده ، امكان تامين هزينه هاي بازار يابي را ندارند.

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